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Public Consultation on the ITU 2016-2019 Strategy

Posted by Robert_Shaw (Admin) Jul 30, 2013
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The Council of our Member States launched the development of a new ITU Strategic Plan for 2016-2019, which will be approved at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in October 2014.

In preparing the Secretary General’s contribution to this work of the Council, we are asking for your inputs to the debate.

Tell us what you expect from ITU in the future, where we should direct our efforts to best serve everyone, including you; and which challenges we should be prepared to meet.

We invite you to participate in this Public Consultation. We are looking forward to your opinions.

Please share your views via this interactive platform or submit your written contributions by email to

The closing date for content submission is on September 6, 2013.

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Public Consultation to contribute to the 2016-2019 Strategy of ITU
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Comments (2)

Arslan Arshad says... Aug 23, 2013
Yes we can do a lot for good,but i think that it is really necessary to initiate actions
against criminals, who are using strong cryptography for communications.
Arslan Arshad
Fathi Bashir Mousa says... Sep 4, 2013
نعتقد أن الدول الاقل نمواً تحتاج لدعم كبير فى مجال الاتصالات وتقنية المعلومات مما يساعدها فى ردم الفجوة الرقمية التى اذدات اتساعاً خلال هذه الفترة وخاصة ان هذه الدول تعانى من عدم الاستقرار ودعمها فى مجال الاتصالات يساعد على الاستقرار والنمو. علية أرى ان تكون معظم الاستراتيجية القادمة موجهة لهذه الدول وتوفير الدعم المالى الكافى لمقابلة المشروعات التى تعظم دور الاتحاد الدولى
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