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Are you aware of the mandate of the ITU?

Yes. I fall in the Study Group 1.

List three key ways your life and activities are affected by information and communication technologies

Born with a Disability (of legs), in the hands of a miss-judged surgery soon after birth, made my parents loose all hope for my better education and grooming. With the help of their Strong Motivation and the ease of access to Learning via the Information and Communication Technology, I stand here with a head held high, as a Software Engineer (by Education) and a Project Manager (by Profession).
Due to great advancement in the field of ICT, I am able to improve my mobility independently with the use of an automatic car.
Lastly, ICT in my life has helped me see the world beyond the conventional vision of a handicapped fellow. It has brought the world to my finger-tip via the Mobile and Laptop, and has invested in me the soul of a Bright Future, and has motivated me to bring a Positive Change to the Society

What trends in information and communication technologies should ITU consider while planning its strategy?

Primary Focus should be on: "Need to Humanity and Bringing Ease to Human Life".
Protecting the Planet is Important, but Inculcating the Feel of Being Human is more vital.
So, ITU should focus on something, that can help people BIND well and HELP EACHOTHER LIVE

What would be the main areas and opportunities for improvement of the ITU?

ITU is doing a wonderful job.
Currently, the Primary focus is on the Environment and its effect on Human Life. It should focus more on the Basic Health and Communication sector to raise the standard of humanity

What are the top three achievements you would like to see the ITU accomplish in the 2016-2019 timeframe?

1. Become the largest platform to help people communicate via their brains
2. Inculcate a sense of healthy competition among the newbies
3. Have a Positive contribution in making this world a Healthier place to Breathe

What do you consider to be the top three challenges for the ITU’s work?

Primarily, Lack of reach to the People, who actually need the awareness (e.g. 3rd world countries)

Any other thoughts or comments you would like to make?

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Raabia Irfan Aug 4, 2013

Express your Gratefulness to God for keeping you at the Giving End (and not the Receiving End)


Raabia Irfan Aug 4, 2013

Raise Your Hands to Raise the Standard of Human Life