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Public Consultation on the ITU 2016-2019 Strategy

The Council of our Member States launched the development of a new ITU Strategic Plan for 2016-2019, which will be approved at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in October 2014.

In preparing the Secretary General’s contribution to this work of the Council, we are asking for your inputs to the debate.

Tell us what you expect from ITU in the future, where we should direct our efforts to best serve everyone, including you; and which challenges we should be prepared to meet.

We invite you to participate in this Public Consultation. We are looking forward to your opinions.

Please share your views via this interactive platform or submit your written contributions by email to

Following requests for an extension of the deadline for contributions, the closing date for content submission has been extended until September 23, 2013.

Note: The remit of the ITU is defined by the Basic Texts. The strategic planning process aims to define the strategy to be implemented within the ITU's mandate and therefore proposals shall be within this scope.

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ITU is the most important body in radio spectrum management globally. One of the best solutions in this field was the definition of ISM band and general recommendation to use this bands without minor limitations. This have changed whole telecommunication environment. Together with the new model of mutual statement, based on TEIR1 -TIER 2 interaction, this new approach have changed the telecommunication world dramatically. Today we have free of charge communication facilities in developed countries, less developed countries have good examples. how to go ahead. Existing model, when telecommunication sector have to be self sustainable today is not working, there are lot of telecommunication services, based on cross-financing, and this cross financing is coming not from telecommunication services - from advertising, banking, Value Added Services, middleman activity, others. In this situation I suggest to reconfigure existing approaches of ITU and start to open as much free of charge bands like ISM bands as it possible. Second approach is mutual statements, a model which is end of life, but there are lot of specialists, who are trying to implement this model for Internet. Lot of local Regulators are developing their models, based on a model of mutual statements in telephony. I strongly recommend to investigate existing model of mutual statements among operators, and give recommendations for local regulators based on existing model of mutual statement - without any references on the old model, which comes from telephony. In order to have success in this, I strongly recommend to return to situation, when in the ITU there were mostly technical specialists, today it is very important to hire young personnel, and it is vitally necessary to have an age limitation for ITU staff. For non technical specialists I recommend to set a quota - not more than 5-50% of ITU staff (necessary to define inside the ITU)
And in general - it is absolutely necessary to reconfigure ITU-D mandate, this department does not have any functions. In order to find the place of ITU-D it is necessary to invite real innovators from Internet community, persons like Mr. Gates, Cukerberg, other well known innovators and at the same time - rich persons, who will present their time for development in right directions. Necessary to declare on PP conference, that ITU is a pure technical body, without any political ambitions, and will not deal with content and will prepare all his recommendations based on the technical advisability. Representation of Member States in the ITU bodies must based on their real involvement in the development of recommendations, but not on the idea, that ITU must have equal representations from all regions. ITU division on regions is a result of second World War, today there is absolutely different situation, it is right time to start a discussion how to improve the situation and be closer with reality.

Are you aware of the mandate of the ITU?


List three key ways your life and activities are affected by information and communication technologies

Free communication with people via Internet
Access to any necessary information using search engines
Access to the new ideas and news without sponsorship

What trends in information and communication technologies should ITU consider while planning its strategy?

Before planning any strategy ITU have to reconfigure itself, otherwise it is pure spending of money without any real result. First of all - reconfiguration.

What would be the main areas and opportunities for improvement of the ITU?

See above, in few words
invite technical staff, set age limit, find a way for real representation, not formal, invitation of real innovators with kind ask - please help us, how we can improve ITU.

What are the top three achievements you would like to see the ITU accomplish in the 2016-2019 timeframe?

First of all - real desire for reconfiguration. Change the model, which is drowning the organization, exclude political component from the ITU activity

What do you consider to be the top three challenges for the ITU’s work?

Age of ITU staff is inadequate old
Procedure of involvement persons, appointed by PTT (or equal) ministries in the ITU as a decision makers - necessary to forget about such procedure
Be more technical oriented, no any political activity, no any content related activity.

Any other thoughts or comments you would like to make?

Have wrote too much, I hope please accept my recommendations as a willing of a person, who want to see real important international telecommunication body.

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Fernando Rivera says... 7 months ago
Thank you very much indeed. These are very relevant suggestions.
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