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Public Consultation on the ITU 2016-2019 Strategy

The Council of our Member States launched the development of a new ITU Strategic Plan for 2016-2019, which will be approved at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference in October 2014.

In preparing the Secretary General’s contribution to this work of the Council, we are asking for your inputs to the debate.

Tell us what you expect from ITU in the future, where we should direct our efforts to best serve everyone, including you; and which challenges we should be prepared to meet.

We invite you to participate in this Public Consultation. We are looking forward to your opinions.

Please share your views via this interactive platform or submit your written contributions by email to

Following requests for an extension of the deadline for contributions, the closing date for content submission has been extended until September 23, 2013.

Note: The remit of the ITU is defined by the Basic Texts. The strategic planning process aims to define the strategy to be implemented within the ITU's mandate and therefore proposals shall be within this scope.

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Mobile Banking - an improved way of living

Advancement in technology has changed the way we bank. We move from traditional banking/ branch base banking to electronic banking, online banking to internet banking, internet banking to mobile banking or branch less banking in last 20-30 years.

Mobile banking, mobile payments, mobile transfers, m-payments,mobile finance and branch less banking refer collectively to a set of applications that enable people to use their cellular phones to manipulate their bank accounts, store value in an account linked to their handsets, transfer funds, or even access credit or insurance products.

Mobile banking is one of the best innovation in banking and telecom sector for all the countries. It has change the way of doing financial transaction in the world. Mobile banking targets both bank and especially to non bank persons. In the past decade, spread of mobile phones is a top story. Around the globe, various initiatives use the mobile phone to provide financial services to those without access to traditional

The term use to describe financial services delivered via mobile networks using mobile phones is Mobile banking, or M-banking. Normally, such services include depositing, withdrawing, sending and saving money, as well as making payments.

The purpose of the idea is to explore the benefits or satisfaction level of customers about mobile banking and relationship of security issues, cost of mobile services, ease of use and accessibility and availability of mobile banking services with customer satisfaction.

In Pakistan, mobile banking is one of the latest and modern innovations in banking and telecom industry. The users in Pakistan are mostly youngsters. Security is one of the biggest issues in mobile banking and for other finance or cash related activities.

A handsome number of Pakistani people don’t have a bank account but they have mobiles and awareness to the public of Pakistan can help in growing this industry as it is time saving and allow flexible hours for financial transactions.

Are you aware of the mandate of the ITU?


List three key ways your life and activities are affected by information and communication technologies

1) access to information on a mouse click.
2) always connected to globe.
3) life at par with modern tech

What trends in information and communication technologies should ITU consider while planning its strategy?

to strengthen the capacity of less developed countries in respect of ICT development

What would be the main areas and opportunities for improvement of the ITU?

to work close with the less developed countries, fall under the charter of ITU.

What are the top three achievements you would like to see the ITU accomplish in the 2016-2019 timeframe?

1) to become largest ideas sharing platform
2) to help in developing ICT cluster across globe
3) to take on board other social issue, like internet filtering, censorship, digital security etc.

What do you consider to be the top three challenges for the ITU’s work?

awareness amongst less developed countries, political issues in many countries, security and local laws.

Any other thoughts or comments you would like to make?

a very good platform for people living in countries like Pakistan to share their ideas.

Comments (2)

Fernando Rivera says... 7 months ago
Thanks you very much indeed.
mansoor khan says... 7 months ago
Pakistan is also in the midst of adopting 3G tech, ITU can play vital roll in that too
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