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ICT: Accessibility if Key

Making qualitative ICT accessible to all especially the dis-enfranchised, marginalized, and inclusive in the global education curriculum (K1 - K12).

Are you aware of the mandate of the ITU?

I am aware, and have been working towards marginalizing it.

List three key ways your life and activities are affected by information and communication technologies

As a means of easy communication.
As an access to the global village, bridging geographic barrier.
As a means of fostering change for global good.

What trends in information and communication technologies should ITU consider while planning its strategy?

Provision of personal PC.
Free mobile access.

What would be the main areas and opportunities for improvement of the ITU?

Cyber Security and Internet Governance.
Development and orientation.

What are the top three achievements you would like to see the ITU accomplish in the 2016-2019 timeframe?

Formulation and provision of a global framework development and accessibility.
Formulation and global, continental, regional and national working and monitoring team.
Engage youths, and other stakeholders in the implementation and assessment of ICT4D in education.

What do you consider to be the top three challenges for the ITU’s work?

Global reach and spread.
Insufficient symposium, workshop and seminars for professionals on the field of work.
Solidifying working collaboration with the national communication commissions (NCC)

Any other thoughts or comments you would like to make?

Involve the youth, involve everyone, get the globe connected.
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