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Wasswa Nelson

Kampala, Uganda

Joined this community on Aug 7, 2013

Bio I am 2rd year Ugandan student at Makerere University College of Computing and Information Sciences pursuing a Bachelors degree of science in computer science. I am currently an internee in the AIDEV(Artificial Intelligence for Low developing Countries Research) Group at Makerere University where i develop intelligent systems as well as work on innovations. I have been presenting on several plant forms including the USAID/RAN (USAID/Resilient Africa Network) at Kampala Protea Hotel with Tms Ruge recognized "Champion of Change" by the USA White House, Mark Nelson and Margarita Quihuis (Co-Directors at the Stanford Peace Innovation Lad), Jeannie Stamberger (Director of Inovation resilient Africa Network) and above all my development partner Nankunda Peter. I am forward looking modest, reserved, friendly, intense and selective.....hey i didn`t tell you i am a science and technology addict who is looking towards becoming an innovator and a social entrepreneur developing solutions to the most demanding challenges in the world!

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