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Isaac Aggrey

Accra, Ghana

Joined this community on Sep 2, 2013

Bio Isaac’s areas of expertise include, establishing new ventures, revolutionizing existing ventures, business planning, and strategy. He started his business development consultancy specifically in facilitating business growth and re-engineering for a number of clients in a variety of industries. His previous experiences coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit and sheer passion for people make him a highly effective motivational speaker with the ability to address diverse audiences on a variety of topics including: • Entrepreneurship and encouraging spirit. • Identifying turning points and ‘taking the leap’. • Business motivation: ‘motivational and inspirational longetivity’. • Business planning, cash flow and business funding. • Branding and packaging for both the business owner and the business. His far ranging experience in marketing, business development, business process re-engineering and development coupled with his high energy, hands-on, pragmatic leadership style contributes to the success organizations under his control enjoys today. He furthered his executive development program in Business Foundation at Stellenbosch University Business School, South Africa where he developed his knowledge, skills and failsafe procedure required to produce indisputable results and have gained global recognition in the field of Entrepreneurship. He currently hold executive MBA in Business Administration obtained from IEDC-Bled School of Management Slovenia which he attained through a comprehensive understanding of socio-economic policies and practices, technological diversity, understanding of how communities use technologies to manage information and knowledge, and how creating venture opportunities help shape the development of society. His travels have helped him to gain invaluable insight into global cultures and their diverse consumer drivers. He has consulted to Ghana Open Data Initiative in development and commercialization of new technologies and now an Adjudicator for Challenge Future, a Global Student Competition and Youth Think Tank. He is currently working as a Business Developer and Quality Control Consultant to the Innovation Fund, Global Reporting Initiative, and the West Africa Social Entrepreneurs Network. He is the president of West Africa Social Entrepreneurs Network (WASEN) and heads the Business Owners Development Program – His sessions are always lively, entertaining and loaded with ‘take home’ usable content. Some professional Awards obtained; He was awarded the Young South African Entrepreneur in 2008 by the First National Bank and the Big Idea of South Africa. In 2009, he won the Young Africa Entrepreneurs’ Award organized by UN Millennium Campaign and Sukuma Africa. Within same year, he won the Young Feminist Bold Idea Contest organized by World Pulse, an organization that connects women across the globe to exchange ideas and opportunities to change their lives.

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