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Advancement in technology has changed the way we bank. We move from traditional banking/ branch base banking to electronic banking, online banking to internet banking, internet banking to mobile banking or branch less banking in last 20-30 years. Mobile banking, mobile payments, mobile transfers, m-payments,mobile finance and branch less banking refer collectively to a set of applications that enable people to use their cellular phones to manipulate their bank accounts, store value in an...

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mansoor khan

islamabad, pakistan

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Bio working as a Technologies Specialist at Bytes for All, Pakistan. MS in software engineering and served government of Pakistan for 8 years on different technology projects. areas of specialization are Database Management, Data Analysis, Data Migration, Data Schema, Defining data structure compatibility and software development etc. participated in various international conferences on different relevant subjects. one of the core team members, among other; who formulated five national policies, i.e. labour inspection, labour protection, draft national employment, hrd and Emigration policies published by ministry of labour and manpower Pakistan.

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